Upminster cricket club

We are very pleased to announce that we are the official main sponsors of the Upminster Cricket Club.

Call 01708 255555 or email egh@eghunter.co.uk

We are very excited to become the main sponsor and are proud to be committed to a local club that has such close links with the local community.

We were excited to be part of the main sponsorship for the second year running with the Upminster Cricket Club. The benefit Match in September 2018 was a great success, we had gorgeous sunny weather and we all had a very enjoyable day. We would like to thank all our clients that attended and we hope to see you again in 2019.

Upminster Hunters start 2019 with dominant win.

Link to fixtures and results: http://www.upminstercricketclub.com/news/upminster-hunters-start-2019-with-dominant-win-2383208.html

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